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Little Saigon Healing Program

LSF wishes to launch a Little Saigon Healing Program that aims to:

  1. Educate the public and provide them with knowledge about their rights and options when planning or purchasing funeral goods and services. We encourage people to plan arrangements that are in keeping with their personal wishes and budget. To do that, we work with local mortuaries to provide cremation and burial plans for low-income families at an affordable price.
  2. Provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for cancer patients to find supportive friends, including people like them, and discover new paths forward to improve their health. To do that, we host meetup dinners monthly to promote friendship in a fun and family-oriented context of celebration. 

Little Saigon Leadership Program

Little Saigon Leadership program especially focuses on Vietnamese teenage and youth from low socioeconomic status within City Heights, encouraging and equipping them to take on real-life opportunities and challenges. Our program places them into leadership roles and provides mentorship in building practical life skills such as group dynamics, negotiation and conflict resolution, and supervisory and management skills. The program not only prepares the next generation of leadership in the workforce and in communities, but also provides relevant skills necessary to advance and become role models for their peers and younger generations. The LS Leadership program yields positive impacts by reducing negative behaviors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, and increasing positive attitudes, such as motivation, academic performance, and self-esteem.

The program is a 6-month commitment (July – January) of minimal 10 hours per week unpaid, where participants will be placed in various leadership positions to work towards a goal at the end of 6 months. Participants will be able to learn to lead down to their subordinates, lead across toward their co-workers, and lead up to their supervisors and board members. It’s our believe that the best way to learn leadership is to actually practice in a leadership role.

Literature, Music, and Poetry

In the efforts of preserving and promoting Vietnamese language, Little Saigon Literature, music, and poetry program comprises of writers, music composers and poets. Many of their work are published, featured in newspapers, and magazines.  

Features: Need content (Tran Gia Hoa’s 2 books).

Civic Engagement

While civic engagement is a very broad term that can have a very different meaning based on different contexts, Little Saigon Civic Engagement program focuses on promoting individual and collective actions to address a public concern, empower residents, strengthen our community, and increase the health of our democratic society. To do that, we are focusing on following areas:

  • Civic Action – encourage and promote volunteerism such as community clean-up and serving on a neighborhood association
  • Civic Duty – encourage and promote involvement in local government such as writing a letter to an elected official, voting, serving as poll workers on Election Day, or being counted in census.
  • Civic Skills – encourage and promote understanding of the governance structure at the local-neighborhoods, local-government, state, and federal levels; examples include learning how to read the city’s budget, election process, or where our water comes from. We believe that knowledge empowers people and that a knowledgeable citizen is a wise community advocator.


If you are tired of studying for your test alone, we offer to be your study partner. Many of our volunteers are experienced and knowledgeable and could help you practice for the following examinations in both English/Vietnamese:

  • U.S. Citizenship test
  • California driver license written examination 
  • California cosmetologist written examination
  • California esthetician written examination
  • California manicurist written examination
  • California barbering written examination

We offer to help you in one-on-one or group setting, providing mock-exam drills, flash-cards, or even just moral support.

Soccer Club

Little Saigon Soccer club is safe and non-judgmental place for energetic Vietnamese to hang out, have fun, and be themselves. Vietnamese newcomers are particular struggling daily with learning a new language, and balancing employment, while experiencing stress of transition and culture shock.  Little Saigon Soccer club aims to provides a safe and non-judgmental place where these Vietnamese newcomers can escape to for an afternoon—a place where they can let down their guard, be themselves, and be surrounded with people who are going through similar circumstances. Little Saigon Soccer club is a great and friendly group of individuals, casual, average, and somewhat competitive. Little Saigon Soccer club is inclusive and welcomes all.

Resourcer Center

If you have a question or need assistance, we can help you with, for example, emergency situations, translation, interpretation, counseling or guidance, filling out forms, applying for jobs, and checking your grammar.

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